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The result of comprehensive research and studies:
the DIR® System 2 for advanced functional diagnostics

Due to the diversity of their causes and symptoms, functional disorders regularly pose a huge challenge to dentists who are not DIR® users. In contrast, the DIR® Concept significantly simplifies diagnostics and treatment: this has been proven repeatedly by interdisciplinary research and studies by users. This is because surveying the patient intraorally using the DIR® System 2 puts medical history and therapy on such firm footing that optimal dental and dental-technological care can finally be guaranteed!

Easy to use, reliable results

The “Society for Functional Diagnostics” has been investing in regular scientific research and the development of functional diagnostics using the DIR® Concept and DIR® surveys for more than 10 years. Together with international and national universities and therapy centres, it pursues and publishes a range of relevant research approaches. The patient is always the focus.

The components:


DIR® System 2

  • State-of-the-art measuring technology on the basis of new WIN DIR® software
  • State-of-the-art design underlines the functional character of the survey system.

Medical PC M1920

  • 21,5-inch touchscreen for stationary use
  • The M1920 is a PC of the newest generation for medical WIN DIR® software and is certified according to DIN EN 60601-1.
  • Touchscreen, Bluetooth and WiFi compatible, with camera and DVDRW

Medical Tablet PC M1042

  • 9,7 inch touchscreen for mobile use at the customer’s premises
  • PC of the newest generation for medical WIN DIR® software and certified according to DIN EN 60601-1.
  • Touchscreen, Bluetooth and WiFi compatible, with camera and barcode scanner

DIR® Sensor

  • Patented in-house development: the DIR® Sensor provides a high degree of precision and durability.
  • State-of-the-art technology that depicts extended patient measurement data for the first time.
  • Increases medical validity

DIR® measuring amplifier

  • High-tech aggregate in a “medical look”
  • Faster data transmission via USB interface for real-time results

DIR® positioning unit

  • With revolutionary stepping-motor technology for faster and almost silent control
  • Calibrator function implemented within the software for convenience and highest level of precision

DIR® System 2 Version 2.20 software

  • Software has been developed into DIR® System 2 (Windows 7)
  • User-friendly, reworked interface layout with numerous new features

The DIR® System 2 for precise functional diagnostics – optimises dentistry and dental technician care:
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TMD occurs in about 8% of the general population, but only about 3% require treatment due to this condition. TMD symptoms seldom manifest in young children, but their frequency increases up until puberty. Women of child-bearing age are affected significantly more frequently than men, as they are by other pain conditions.
Source: Wikipedia (accessed: 27 November 2015, 11:12 UTC)


 Medical PC kleiner

Tablet PC with software
DIR® System 02 Version 2.10


CyberMed T10C 03 kleiner

Medical Grade Windows Tablet 9.7˝
DIR® System 2 Software Version 2.20

Sensor 02

DIR® Sensor

Messverstärker Homepage

DIR® measuring amplifier


DIR® positioning unit