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The DIR® laboratory provides information about functional diagnostics: with three arguments and one compact training event for dentists.

The “Society for Functional Diagnostics” (SFD) and its partner laboratories provide dentists with a quick introduction to function with the DIR® Concept. Training takes place continuously and provides participants with comprehensive information about the whole range of functional diagnostic methods – not just DIR®. The task of the DIR® laboratory is to approach dentists about the opportunities that functional diagnostics open up and to invite them to SFD compact training events. Many dentists are deciding in favour of the benefits of DIR® diagnostics: DIR® laboratories and DIR® dentists become an even more successful team. The DIR® Concept improves the quality of dental prostheses in particular, because DIR® functional diagnostics provide more precise diagnosis data that dental technicians can then use in the laboratory to carry out more precise work. The large gain in skills for dentists also makes the introduction appealing. DIR® training is assessed using valuable continuing education points (CEP). So the DIR® journey ends in success for both parties. But the laboratory owner becomes more successful the more dentists he can persuade to use DIR®.

Better services for patients

The laboratory owner’s main argument in favour of using functional diagnostics with DIR® is the clear improvement in dental services for the patient. This is why it is ideal that practices certified during this training can begin using DIR® immediately afterwards. This scientifically well-founded therapy concept is coherent and provides a course of treatment that has already been mapped out. As recommended, the DIR® dentist surveys the patient intraorally using the DIR® System 2 before commencing any dental or orthodontic treatment, especially if a dental prosthesis is required. The precise knowledge that the dentist requires to diagnose potential functional disorders is the best basis for all further treatment. As soon as functional disorders – which can impair the way dental prostheses sit, worsen potential conditions and reduce prostheses’ durability – have been excluded, the DIR® dentist, working in a team with the DIR® laboratory, can get to the heart of patient care and plan potential courses of treatment more reliably.

These are the arguments you can use to persuade dentists:

  • Improved dental diagnostics

    The dentist is familiar with manual functional diagnostics and, with instrumental DIR® diagnostics, learns about an advanced, absolutely reliable method that provides an extra guarantee for the success of his or her dental work.

  • Optimised prosthetics
    The accuracy of the dental diagnosis based on DIR® data enables dentists to provide implants, crowns and bridges that sit perfectly. The high quality of dental prostheses ensures, in turn, happy patients and a successful practice.

  • New sources of revenue
    Functional diagnostics using DIR® is a private service. The dentist uses the DIR® System 2 via the DIR® partner laboratory and carries out the measurements. The practice then invoices the patient for the service.

Laboratory owners that want to keep progressing with DIR® should speak to the “Society for Functional Diagnostics”.

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Laboratory owners that want to keep progressing with DIR® should speak to the “Society for Functional Diagnostics”.