Functional diagnostics in the practice

Functional disorders are often not correctly detected without a professional analysis. This makes it even more important to have a basis for safe and quick functional diagnostics in the dental practice that can be used with any patient. FunktioCheck Pro® makes it easy to take a fast and simple medical history and to develop a solid diagnosis based on the structured input.

What does a practical method for use in the practice look like?

Because different causes for problems require different treatment approaches, targeted and detailed diagnostics is absolutely essential before starting treatment.

1. Which diagnostics concept will have the desired result?
2. What does professional functional prophylaxis look like in the practice?
3. When do I integrate professional instrumental functional diagnostics into the dental practice?
4. Which instrumental functional diagnostics will yield clear and unambiguous results for me and my patients?
5. What examinations will show clear and unambiguous diagnoses?
6. How can I invoice functional diagnostics?

A dental practice needs a basis for safe and quick functional diagnostics that can be used with any patient. It should include not only a subjective medical history but also an objective manual clinical examination. This is the only way to secure a good diagnosis that includes all the important items. This enables you to comply with your dental obligations by performing a functional analysis as the basic examination. An analysis of this type could be used as the basis for well-documented decisions regarding potential treatment.

The basic examination is always in the foreground

The questions and requirements have enabled dentists with their own practices and specialists to develop professional prophylaxis procedures that all users can apply at the practice level. The result is the FunktioCheck Pro® software, which is very easy to use. Manual techniques for basic examinations are conducted on a functional basis to develop approaches for theory and practice.

Practice-oriented: FunktioCheck Pro® - simple and safe

During the screening process a detailed medical history of the patient is recorded on digital questionnaires and a brief dental diagnosis. If there is no indication of a functional disorder, the functional analysis can be concluded at this stage. If there are indications of a functional disorder, such as tension headaches, migraines, tense back and neck muscles, pain in the jaw joints, tinnitus, vertigo etc., the dental examination goes into more detail. The extended manual examination is aimed at distinguishing pain, movement restrictions, disorders of the stomatognathic system, noises in the joints and various disc displacements. The method yields a good diagnosis with the combination of the subjective medical history and the objective results of a manual clinical examination.

FunktioCheck Pro® enables you to integrate professional and scientifically based functional analyses into your practice immediately and easily. It is a simple guide for developing a brief dental diagnosis based on a detailed medical history.

The structure of the concluding manual-clinical diagnostics guarantees easy and safe use through to a detailed initial diagnosis of your patient.

With FunktioCheck Pro® you can offer your patients the state of the art in diagnostics. Your patient is guided through the examination step by step and given a practical explanation in the form of detailed illustrations.

The chronology of the treatment path ensures that the treatment follows the optimal course at all times. The results of the diagnosis are shown clearly and integrated into a solidly based initial dental diagnosis.

The fixed digital diagnosis gives both you and your patient forensic and legal security and can also be used for quality assurance of your work.

A secure investment in the future of your practice:

  • Easy and safer to use
  • Can be integrated into your practice immediately without difficulty
  • Accurate initial diagnosis
  • Scientifically based functional diagnostics
  • Forensic and legal security
  • For satisfied patients and safe dentistry
  • Amortised within a very short time and very profitable
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Manual-clinical functional diagnostics with a brief examination and palpation precedes the instrumental examination.

mkDia 03

This examination must be documented precisely for further diagnostics. In an ideal scenario, this takes place using the software “FunktioCheck Pro®” for tablets (pursuant to the guidelines of the DGFDT).