TMD treatment using the DIR® Concept: manual-clinical functional analysis using FunktioCheck Pro®

The DIR® Concept envisages two examination steps during successful functional diagnostics: firstly, manual-clinical functional analysis using FunktioCheck Pro®, and then instrumental functional diagnostics using the DIR® System 2. The manual-clinical functional analysis includes a quick dental check of the temporomandibular system and a manual examination (palpation), in order to exclude arthropathy or myopathy. Both examinations are for the early detection or prophylaxis of functional disorders and are documented securely using the medical history tablet software FunktioCheck Pro®.

Simply reliable: FunktioCheck Pro®

Migraines, back pain, sleeping disorders, posture defects, bruxism and jaw clicking do not seem to have anything in common. This is why doctors and physiotherapists are often unable to find any treatment approach for these symptoms, as they are looking for their cause in the wrong parts of the body. In actual fact, patients suffering from these symptoms often have a temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), which can cause pain throughout the body. This is a case for dentists with special knowledge of effective functional diagnostics!

Dentists use FunktioCheck Pro® to easily, systematically and reliably detect functional disorders. They don’t have to be experts to do this: users are guided through the medical history software for tablets from the very beginning – on the basis of an easily comprehensible and well-structured concept. At the end they receive exact documentation and a diagnosis with important, reliable patient data – which can also be used for continued instrumental diagnostics (e.g. using the DIR® System 2).

For better dental and laboratory service

Functional analysis for early detection and prophylaxis reduces the length of the patient’s suffering. Signs or physiological predispositions for functional disorders can be detected and negative consequences prevented. In addition to this, it optimises the way dental prostheses are made – once the functional disorder has been treated, implants, crowns, bridges and fillings finally sit perfectly.

FunktioCheck Pro® provides a reliable basis for making decisions about possible courses of treatment and improves patient care all along the line.

Securely investing in the future of your practice:

  • A medical device “made in Germany”
  • Simple, reliable use due to a clearly structured method
  • An analytical approach with clear medical validity
  • Based on scientifically well-founded functional diagnostics
  • For happy patients and reliable dentistry
  • A return on your investment after just a few findings!

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Users are taken through the medical history software for tablets from the very start – on the basis of an easily comprehensible and well-structured concept.