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The umbrella institution for DIR® users: the Society for Functional Diagnostics DIR® System mbH & Co. KG

The “Society for Functional Diagnostics” (DIR® KG) is the organisation behind functional therapy with the DIR® Concept and releases the product series for DIR® functional diagnostics and functional therapy. DIR® KG is the umbrella organisation and point of contact for DIR® partner laboratories and DIR® dentists.

The Society deals with:

  • the legal provisions and specifications for medical devices.
  • the scientific focuses of research series.
  • technical advancements.
  • the Society’s medical advisory boards.
  • customer support for each medical device.
  • marketing and sales of medical devices.
Competence and responsibility for people.

DIR® KG is guided by fixed principles and respects the values and norms of its partners (dentists, laboratories). We assume responsibility for people and work closely with our partners – for faultless dental and dental technological patient treatment.

The core competencies of DIR® KG are marketing DIR® medical devices for the electronic determination of the maxillomandibular relationship:

  • We primarily concentrate on driving research into our products.
  • In this regard, it is important to us that experienced medical practitioners tell others how to use our systems. This always takes place both in research and in practice.
  • We see it as a continuous challenge to offer customised solutions in order to be able to satisfy the changing needs of our customers with service at the highest level.
  • Customers, markets and the abilities of the scientists and doctors working for us are the measure for everything that we do
We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers

DIR® KG looks for close alliances with practices, laboratories and dentists: we listen and learn from the questions our customers ask. This means that we stay close to customer demand and are able to continuously improve our medical devices, services and long-term business relationships. We address customer wishes to the maximum – with our presence (locally too) and with the help of the large DIR® System network.

Our customers become strategic partners, a key factor in our success.

  • We network with medical practice: enduringly and reliably.
  • It is on this basis that we are steadily realising innovations and promoting further development, from which everybody – ourselves, laboratories, dentists and patients – profits.
High standards provide customers with added value.

Continuous scientific advances and innovations in design and technology are what characterise medical devices by DIR® KG. Their quality and reliable functionality derive from the critical selection of all suppliers, adherence to the German Medizinproduktegesetz – Medical Devices Act – and quality management criteria (QM).

Motivated staff members and partners are our most valuable assets.

DIR® KG has its own QM in place and adheres to fixed guidelines when dealing with staff and partners (laboratories/dentists):

  • We promote respect and transparency and nurture our staff members in order to harness hidden potentials.
  • We are in a state of continuous personal development as are our staff and partners: we learn together.
  • Personal target orientation and team spirit are part of our company culture.
  • The way we conduct business takes into account our responsibility to the environment and society in the broadest sense.
  • Our style is upright, straight-forward and geared towards continuity.

Please get in contact with us if you have any questions about our offers and services.