The DIR® functional diagnostics offer will make your laboratory more attractive for dentists and provide you with new prospects!

Like all business owners, laboratory owners also need to keep a look out for realistic new sources of revenue: and they have to continue their education in order to adapt their services to increasing requirements. DIR® functional diagnostics provide dental laboratories with both of these things and more on the basis of the DIR® Concept – an attractive new business field, new skills, and, in addition to this, more and happier dentists and customers. Until then, master dental technicians need to invest a bit of time and get their laboratories authorised as DIR® partner laboratories by going through some training. Afterwards, master dental technicians can actively approach dentists and skilfully persuade them of the benefits of DIR® functional diagnostics. The aspects that will interest future DIR® partners the most are the optimisation of dental and dental technology care with DIR® – and services that can be invoiced privately.

DIR® diagnostics to end hidden suffering

Newspapers are full of health topics: stress, back and muscle tension lead the pack as they are conditions that millions suffer from. But what a lot of people don't know is that stress symptoms (e.g. bruxism, tinnitus) and spine and muscle pain could be pointing to a functional disorder of the temporomandibular system (TMD). Patients like these need dentists who have additionally qualified as functional diagnosticians.

DIR® laboratories know this and are recruiting increasing numbers of dentists for functional diagnostics with the DIR® Concept. This method has been scientifically proven and is an important emerging discipline. Demand for reliable methods and technologies like DIR® survey technology (the DIR® System 2) is increasing. It is creating a young market that DIR® laboratories can now participate in.

Qualification – DIR® System 2 for the practice – perfect prosthetics

The authorised DIR® laboratory communicates intensively with the doctor, organises DIR® certification and provides practices with DIR® medical technology. In this way, the laboratory and the dentist become a DIR® team that provides better patient care (above all with durable dental prostheses that sit perfectly). DIR® ensures happy patients and dentists: meaning that you retain customers in every relationship!

Your advantages with DIR®:


  • Future-oriented positioning in an emerging discipline
  • Laboratories profit from DIR® as a unique selling point
  • Competent growth and more reliable dental prostheses
  • Increased quality increases appeal for dental practices!
  • New customers gained from active communication with possible DIR® practices
  • Customer relationships built between laboratory and practice due to DIR® teamwork
  • Happy patients and customer retention
  • Introductory training for a quick introduction to DIR® sales
  • Quick introduction to DIR® diagnostics for dentists
  • Complete organisation of dentist certification by the Society for Functional Diagnostics (DIR® System GmbH & Co KG)

Simply ask the “Society for Functional Diagnostics” about the next dates for introductory training for dental technicians!

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TMD occurs in about 8% of the general population, but only about 3% require treatment due to this condition. TMD symptoms seldom manifest in young children, but their frequency increases up until puberty. Women of child-bearing age are affected significantly more frequently than men, as they are by other pain conditions.
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