First up is DIR® functional diagnostics training:
and then a new era begins for your DIR® laboratory!

Becoming a DIR® laboratory opens up new prospects for success – and as a laboratory owner, you don’t even have to do much to become one. DIR® laboratories are authorised to acquire dentists for the DIR® Concept straight after they have completed one-day introductory training. DIR® laboratories also profit from their partnership with the “Society for Functional Diagnostics” in Essen, Germany, from the very start, as this strong collaboration is the beginning of a journey into the future that will be enriching in a number of ways. DIR® partner laboratories gain a new field of business, enter into a close, enduring communication with their dentists and gain additional specialist skills in relation to a wide range of functional concepts – with patient cases, scientific studies and user opinions. They learn about the advantages of function with the DIR® Concept and afterwards they talk to dentists eye-to-eye – while competently persuading them of these advantages!

DIR® makes the dental laboratory different

Like most services, many aspects of a dental technician’s work is similar to the work done in other dental laboratories. DIR® laboratories, on the other hand, clearly stand out from the competition – with their additional functional diagnostics offers for dentists, with their competence and with optimal dental prostheses made on the basis of precise, dental DIR® diagnostics. 

Take the DIR® path today:

  • a quick start with DIR® introductory training

    Just one day of introductory training about the functional DIR® Concept is all the interested dental technician needs to begin with acquisitions in dentist practices and selling the DIR® System.

  • Consolidation during the DIR® System dental technician workshop
    This two-day workshop consolidates dental technicians’ knowledge about DIR® functional diagnostics (e.g. methods for dental technicians in line with DIR® surveying) and provides them with a basis for communicating with dentists eye-to-eye.

  • Enjoy DIR® service
    The task of the DIR® laboratory is to persuade dentists of the prospects, services and revenue optimisation opportunities that open up when they utilise the DIR® Concept. DIR® laboratories also provide dentists with certification. The “Society for Functional Diagnostics” takes care of organisation and implementation. This means: a quick start, and little effort for you!

  • High customer retention due to intensive communication
    The functional DIR® Concept has been scientifically proven. Convince “your” and new dentists – during jointly attended training workshops (Curriculum Functional Diagnostics) too. The DIR® model for success (better care, private invoicing) and intensive communication ensure customer retention.

Take proactive action now and get your laboratory authorised for DIR® System 2 sales!

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Dental functional diagnostics determine the functional state of all structures within the masticatory system. They provide a specific diagnosis for patients with functional disorders. Every patient who is about to undergo dental or orthodontic treatment requires this kind of diagnostics – even those who seem to be functionally sound.
Farbatlanten der Zahnmedizin (Color Atlas of Dental Medicine),
Bd. 12, Thieme Publishers


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The 2-day DIR® dental technician workshop consolidates dental technicians’ knowledge of DIR® functional diagnostics (e.g. methods for dental technicians in line with DIR® surveying) and is the basis for eye-to-eye communication with the dentist.